What Does Certified Pre-Owned Mean?

What is the CPO meaning? Since some Burleson drivers may have heard of the term but may be unaware of its actual meaning, CPO stands for “certified pre-owned”. This category of vehicles is in the sweet middle spot between new vehicles and used vehicles. You get the high-quality requirements of a newer model with the lowered price of a used car. Learn all about the CPO meaning and feel free to browse our certified pre-owned inventory at Shottenkirk Toyota of Granbury.

Toyota CPO Program

A certified pre-owned vehicle is a used vehicle that has a series of specific requirements that separates it from other used vehicles. Not every used vehicle can earn the title of certified pre-owned. To qualify as a CPO vehicle, a Toyota vehicle must meet the following requirements: 

  • Model Year: Each car has to be within a certain window of model years. For Toyota, the maximum age a CPO vehicle can be is seven years. 
  • Miles: Each CPO car can’t exceed a certain number of mileage. For Toyota, a CPO vehicle can’t have more than 100,000 miles.
  • Vehicle History Report: Each CPO vehicle must have a thorough and satisfying history report. The report should easily show that the maintenance schedule was followed by the previous driver. 
  • Inspection: A Toyota used vehicle must undergo a thorough inspection to be deemed a certified pre-owned vehicle. For Toyota, each vehicle must receive 160 points, or 174 if it’s a hybrid vehicle. 

Certified Pre-Owned Benefits

What else does certified pre-owned mean? With a certified pre-owned vehicle, you get some great benefits, including: 

  • CPO vehicles are thoroughly inspected before being put out on the lot.
  • Every CPO vehicle comes with a warranty package to keep you protected.
  • CPO vehicles have the high-end requirements of a newer model with a significantly reduced price. 
  • CPO vehicles may qualify for lower finance rates and leasing. 
  • CPO vehicles may have free maintenance for a certain period of time as part of their package. 

CPO vs. Used vs. New

Beyond the benefits, the CPO meaning also helps Stephenville drivers distinguish certified pre-owned vehicles from used vehicles and new vehicles. Here are the main distinctions between these three categories: 

  • Used Vehicles: Used vehicles usually have some of the lowest prices and a larger variety of vehicles on the market.
  • Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles: Certified pre-owned is a great middle area as you get a lower price than a new model but with more quality assurance and regulation than a standard used car. 
  • New Vehicles: New vehicles will generally have the highest price, but you get the newest technology, a great warranty program, and other additional benefits not included with CPO and used. 

Hopefully, this helps clarify the CPO meaning, and you can more confidently peruse certified pre-owned vehicles in the Cleburne area. 

Find a Great CPO Vehicle at Shottenkirk Toyota of Granbury

What does certified pre-owned mean? It means you get the benefits of a new car with a starting price of a used vehicle. Contact us to help you peruse our CPO inventory and find a great certified pre-owned vehicle for your Granbury commute. 

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June 6, 2024
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