Toyota Key Fob Replacement

Most Stephenville drivers know that at one point in time, whether they have a used or new Toyota model, they may have to replace their Toyota key fob battery. To ensure you continue to enjoy the ease of your remote start and remote locking and unlocking, learn more about Toyota key fob battery replacement with Shottenkirk Toyota of Granbury in Granbury. Toyota key fob replacement is fairly simple, read on to learn how below!

Toyota Key Fob Battery Replacement 

If you find yourself all the way in Cleburne away from home in Burleson, you may need a Toyota key fob battery replacement. The process to replace your Toyota key fob battery is easy, locate the battery in the case for starters. Follow Toyota key replacement steps: 

  • In new Toyota models, you’ll find the hidden key that is meant to be pulled out and inserted into the slot that will open the Toyota key fob case. 
  • For older models, use a thin object to open the distinct notch on the Toyota key fob case.

Now, follow these Toyota key fob battery replacement steps below: 

  1. Carefully lift the circuit board to see the battery. 
  2. Notice where the battery is placed in the Toyota key fob case and the kind. Typically you’ll find a CR2032 battery which can be bought online and in stores. If you need a Toyota key fob battery replacement, these are very affordable as they usually cost $5 or less! 
  3. Place the Toyota key fob replacement battery in the case then close it up. 
  4. Test out your Toyota key fob replacement battery! If it doesn’t seem to work, open the case, readjust the battery, ensure things are touching the battery, then try again. Still doesn’t work? Contact our service center for a whole Toyota key replacement. 

Broken Key Fob 

Let’s say you broke your Toyota key fob. Don’t panic! You have options for a Toyota key replacement. Contact our service center if the key is damaged, and we can cut a new key to match your unique key fob. If you accidentally broke your Toyota key fob case, replace it with our parts department. If there is extensive physical or water damage, you may need a whole Toyota key replacement. 

Get your Toyota Key Fob Replacement at Shottenkirk Toyota of Granbury! 

Contact us at Shottenkirk Toyota of Granbury for a Toyota key fob battery replacement. Do not hesitate to ask us about Toyota key fob programming! 

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June 6, 2024
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